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Thread: List of ERBoH Ideas

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    How about Popeye vs Sir Francis Drake?

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    How about this:

    Redneck vs Hillbilly vs Country Folk vs City Folk vs White Trash vs Hicks. They are different.

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    I had this idea for awhile
    Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers but their keepers rap for them.
    Jason(Pamela) vs Myers(Sam Loomis)
    My Guess For The Next ERBOH IS Just a Season 6 Battle

    MY ERB WINNERS: John Lennon, Darth Vader, Abe Lincoln, Lady Gaga, Hulk Hogan & Macho Man, Beethoven, Stephen Hawking, Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Billy Mays/Vince Offer, Gandalf, Dr. Seuss, Mr. Rogers, Captain Kirk, EpicLLOYD, Adolf Hitler, Master Chief, Wright Bros, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs/HAL 9000, Freddie Mercury, Mitt Romney, Doc Brown, Clint Eastwood, Sherlock Holmes, Santa Claus, Adam, Gandhi, Nikola Tesla, Lance Armstrong, Mozart, Rasputin/Lenin, Adolf Hitler, Al Capone, Miley Cyrus, Bob Ross, Michael Jordan, Donald Trump/Death, Walter White, Goku, Stephen King, Bill Nye & Neil DeGrasse Tyson, William Wallace, Artists, Ghostbusters, Bonnie and Clyde, Thor, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Ellen DeGeneres, Alfred Hitchcock/Quentin Tarantino, Bill & Ted, Harry Houdini, Terminator, Eastern Philosophers/Friedrich Nietzsche, Julius Caesar, Jim Henson, Deadpool, J.R.R. Tolkien, Gordon Ramsay, Friedrick Douglass, James Bond/Sean Connery, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Ivan The Terrible/Fredrick The Great,Donald Trump,Charles Darwin,Stevie Wonder,Wayne Gretzky, Theodore Roosevelt, EpicLloyd

    William Hanna & Joseph Barbera Vs Matt Stone & Trey Parker Or Warner Brothers
    Three Stooges Vs The Marx Brothers
    Johnny Cash Vs Eminem
    Wu-Tang Clan Vs N.W.A.
    Ceasar Millian Vs Ace Ventura
    Johnny Knoxville Vs Evel Knievel
    Ron Jeremy Vs Hugh Hefner
    Ezio Vs Agent 47 (HITMAN)
    Kurt Cobain Vs Jimi Hendrix
    Actor Battle Royale featuring Jack Nicholson and Daniel Day-Lewis
    Neo Vs Kevin Flynn(Tron)
    Penn And Teller Vs Siegfried And Roy
    Charlie Chaplin Vs Jim Carrey Or Helen Keller
    Barry Sanders Vs Jackie Robinson
    Bob Marley Vs Bob Dylan
    Malcolm X Vs Nelson Mandela
    Jim Carrey Vs Robin Williams
    Ozzy Osbourne Vs Vlad The Impaler

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    Well, since I now have to let go of my Freddy vs. Dracula idea, Drac still needs to happen at some point...I was thinking him (and Vlad the Impaler is involved somehow) vs. various vampire hunters like Van Helsing, Buffy, Blade, maybe Simon Belmont...

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    Jerry Springer vs. Maury Povich
    Edward Khil (Trololo Guy) vs Rick Astley (Rick Roll)
    Milton Hershey vs Willy Wonka
    Power Rangers (Feat. Green Ranger) vs Capt. Planet & The Planeteers

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    Saved By the Bell vs Full House

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    I had a dream last night that one of the upcoming battles would be Cicero vs Augustus with one of Cicero's lines being "You're a spoiled daddy's boy who's only mark was on the Calendar."

    Gotta say, I don't hate the idea at all honestly.

    Battles I want to see happen
    Phoenix Wright vs. Atticus Finch
    Zelda vs. Athena
    Drew Carey vs. Steve Harvey
    Mary Shelly vs. R.L. Stine
    Evel Knievel vs. Vin Diesel
    Dante vs. Homer

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    I think Karl Marx vs Adam Smith would make a great battle. Thoughts?

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