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Thread: List of ERBoH Ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Straw Hats View Post
    Kamehameha I vs Saladin

    the founder and first ruler of the Kingdom of Hawaii vs the first sultan of Egypt/Syria, and the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty
    I would love to see Kamehameha in a battle. love it when they go for historical figures on the more obscure end of things, like Zulu...
    I would put Kamehameha against another island monarch, just so there's more connection. maybe King Minos of Crete (even though he's just mythological)
    or Sukarno, the first president of Indonesia
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    Snoop Dogg vs Brian Griffin

    Who won?

    Bill O'Reilly
    Abraham Lincoln
    Sarah Palin
    Kim Jong-il
    Genghis Khan
    Benjamin Franklin
    Dr. Seuss
    Mr. T
    Master Chief
    Wright Bros
    Elvis Presley
    Marilyn Monroe
    Steve Jobs
    Freddie Mercury
    Barack Obama
    Doc Brown
    Clint Eastwood
    Sherlock Holmes
    Babe Ruth
    Darth Vader
    Al Capone
    Joan of Arc
    Bob Ross
    Michael Jordan
    JP Morgan
    Rick Grimes
    Stephen King
    Sir Isaac Newton
    William Wallace
    Stay Puft
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Hannibal Lecter
    Oprah Winfrey
    Quentin Tarantino
    Lewis and Clark
    David Copperfield
    Eastern Philosophers (Confucius)
    Julius Caesar
    Stan Lee
    Boba Fett
    JRR Tolkien
    Gordon Ramsay
    Frederick Douglass
    Sean Connery
    Bruce Banner
    Frederick the Great
    Donald Trump
    Charles Darwin
    Wonder Woman
    Tony Hawk
    Theodore Roosevelt

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    A silly idea came to me in a dream. The Spice Girls vs. The Golden Girls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batoideus View Post
    A silly idea came to me in a dream. The Spice Girls vs. The Golden Girls
    I like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batoideus View Post
    A silly idea came to me in a dream. The Spice Girls vs. The Golden Girls
    Reminds me of how I came up with the Dr. Evil vs. Dr. Doofenshmirtz idea I brought up earlier in this thread...

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    I just had a terrible idea that I love.
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    Not sure if I've posted this before but an idea I had was John Kramer (Jigsaw) Vs Tomas de Torquemada (Leader of the Spanish Inquisition) I've seen a few people suggest Jigsaw should be in an ERB and this would be more interesting personally than anyone else I've seen people suggest he go up against.

    The connection being torturers.

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    Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart should come back for another battle... Marie Curie vs Amelia Earhart

    the connection being brilliant women in traditionally male-dominated fields, both made groundbreaking achievements that ultimately resulted in their demise (Curie died of radiation exposure because of her research, Earhart presumably died in her attempt to circumnavigate the world)

    I also just really like those two guests and think they could play the characters well

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    I've been thinking about the guys wanting to use Ariana Grande at some point, and I think I've found a match up I really enjoy

    Aretha Franklin vs. Ariana Grande.

    A woman of God vs. God is a woman.

    A philanthropist for black rights vs a philanthropist for gay rights

    A musician who rose from poverty vs a musician born into the life of luxury.

    There's a lot one can play with too: Ariana's tattoo goof, her stint on victorious, her brother being known for competing on Big Brother, vs Aretha's history of chain smoking, her crash diet, and the fact she has a law degree. (all among other things)

    Battles I want to see happen
    Phoenix Wright vs. Atticus Finch
    Zelda vs. Athena
    Drew Carey vs. Steve Harvey
    Mary Shelly vs. R.L. Stine
    Evel Knievel vs. Vin Diesel
    Dante vs. Homer
    Ariana Grande vs. Aretha Franklin

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    Hans Christian Andersen vs J. K. Rowling

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