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Thread: Upcoming ERB Discussion/Speculation

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoroarkPKMN99 View Post
    Patreon member here. Just wanted to pop in and tell you BOTH of these are wrong.
    As a Patreon member myself, I would like to know where the info is...

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    I hope we don't have to wait long for the next rap battle, man the next 10 days are gonna be rough.

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    - There's 2 Patreon credits named Harlequin and Heath M Burton, referencing Harley from Batman as well as 2 Joker actors (Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill) as well as Tim Burton
    - A Red Balloon is floating at the end of the credits
    - Joker is in the BTS
    - Lloyd apparently posted on instagram somewhere they were recording a new battle a week or two ago even though they JUST finished Dracula vs Vlad and they dont record this close together usually
    - Apparently Thanos vs However its spelled is coming in November, so why tease Pennywise vs Joker now? Also why do that and not as a Halloween battle?
    - Releasing it almost any later than November will make it feel dated since its trying to take advantage of 2 big movies rn
    - Looks like we getting Pennywise vs Joker soon

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    There might have been a change of plans...Thanos feels about right for the season finale anyway...

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    I can't imagine a Pennywise Vs Joker rap battle coming this season. We've already had two horror themed rap battles with Vlad Vs Drac and Kruger Vs Wolverine plus as you said Vlad Vs Drac was teased way back in April and we've only just got it so maybe it's like that? A tease for now to sorta say "Yeah we'll do that as a future one"

    I mean there's a lot of hints that do seem to suggest we could be getting it but again I think we're more likely to see other ones like the Thanos one. Maybe if we're lucky we'll get an end of year bonus battle like how we got Deadpool Vs Boba Fett as a bonus battle a few years back.

    RIP Leslie Neilson
    1926 - 2010
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    Usually, when they tease a character in the outro like that, it means said character will likely appear within the next two battles...Hell, if the Thanos one was next, how tempting could it have been to have Thanos' arm appear at the end of the outro and snap the screen to ashes?

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    From the latest video's description:
    KeEp iN TOuch WitH Us OnliNe!

    K E N T O W H U O N

    I have no idea what this means

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    Anagram, maybe...?

    Or just them writing something in a funny way...

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    Pretty loose connection but what if it's in reference to that spongbob meme given the show is based around the first atomic bomb dropped at Bikini Atoll? Given the other obvious clue as to who is coming next it seems right.

    RIP Leslie Neilson
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    "Yes I am serious and don't call me shirley"

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    Any word on the next battle

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