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Thread: Upcoming ERB Discussion/Speculation

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    I'd gonna go ahead and assume Ubisoft. The latest Assassin's Creed takes place around medieval england and focuses on you playing as a group of vikings taking on English kings so it makes sense and Ubisoft has sponsored an ERB episode before.

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    Looks like the first ERB for season 7 ( I think) is gonna be in June. Facebook

    I think this might be the the king vs viking battle, which would be followed by the Indiana Jones vs Laura Croft battle following it. Which would make sense seeing how Indiana Jones 5 is going to be a thing.

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    ERB - YouTube

    Looks like the newest ERB is going to be on June 14th.

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    there's been some hinting that the rapper (and frequent ERB reacter) Scru Face Jean will be guest starring in a future battle.

    totally spitballing but I could see him playing a great Mansa Musa. since he was one of the wealthiest historical figures, maybe he'd go up against John D. Rockefeller or Andrew Carnegie? or Jeff Bezos if they want a contemporary rich person?

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    So was that battle a one-off or are we getting a new season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timewarp View Post
    So was that battle a one-off or are we getting a new season?
    From what I can tell, having been on the patreon for a month last month, it is a new season but it 100% has a "Whenever we feel like" schedule with 0 consistency. We could get battle 2 next week, we could get it 5 months from now, we could get it early next year, they just dont wanna have any form of a schedule anymore and just post/make battles whenever they feel like it.

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    I'm glad it's not a one-off but it's a shame we won't have any kind of schedule. Still I'll take that over only getting this one rap battle.

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    From the ERB YouTube Community Page:

    Write new battle. DONE. Book guest rapper. DONE. Record the audio. DONE. Film the new battle. OCTOBER 2ND! Upload the video. NOVEMBER. Write another battle. ON IT! So, two new ERB's coming in 2021.

    So I guess that Ragnar Vs Richard rap battle was clearly a bonus battle since ERB season 7 will begin in late 2021.

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    ERB's instagram story leaks the next battle as Mansa Musa vs Jeff Bezos. called it! assuming this is the one with Scru

    you can even make out part of Mansa's first verse if you zoom in:
    Wallah, by the holy Quran I lay my hand upon
    I blaze Bezos, inflict inflammatory damage on

    Amazon, burn it down like when they put the cattle on
    The hottest on the map since the Atlas of Catalan

    The King of Mali, with gold bars you can't escape from
    Lyrically, I pack heat, you pack a tape gun

    I'm sending blows you can't dodge, this isn't sales tax
    I left footprints in the Sahara, I know hot tracks

    I bust dorks like dot com bubbles when I hit em
    Nah, you can't spit, you got that Al Gore Rhythm

    Here's a nugget of advice to get your union problems handled
    Want workers that don't piss? Hire some camels

    I wonder who's playing Bezos? I think either Peter or Lloyd could pull it off but I'm predicting Peter
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