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Thread: Upcoming ERB Discussion/Speculation

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    All I hope is that it's not some Fast Food matchup

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    Since they used the Burger King for the FITPHHCON, I'm guessing this one will be Ronald (Pete) vs. Colonel Sanders (Lloyd).

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    Assuming that A, Ronald is in the next battle, and b, GoldiLoxx will play the main opponent based on what she posted a few weeks ago, I'm trying to think of characters that could pretty reasonably challenge Ronald that she could play.

    Wendy (from Wendy's) is a pretty reasonable assumption, and I don't think there needs to be any elaboration on why.

    Alice from Alice In Wonderland could pretty easily fit in with it given the whole 'eat me / drink me' spiel, although my main concern is that I'm fairly certain they know that Alice vs Dorthy is both a popular suggestion and has a lot more material to work with (especially with the whole judy garland blackface situation)

    Wednesday Adams also came to mind, if only because they're complete polar opposites where Ronald represents idealism and joy while Wednesday represents cynicism and reality. I gotta say, I kinda like that idea (even if I'm a bit of a weirdo that prefers the more 'off the wall' ideas.)

    Battles I want to see happen
    Phoenix Wright vs. Atticus Finch
    Zelda vs. Athena
    Drew Carey vs. Steve Harvey
    Mary Shelly vs. R.L. Stine
    Evel Knievel vs. Vin Diesel
    Dante vs. Homer

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    So any proof this is a rapper and not a cameo? Someone making a mcdonalds or clown joke and him appearing in the background for a few seconds?

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