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Thread: Upcoming ERB Discussion/Speculation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samos View Post

    From Lloyd's Instagram. This is Jackie Tohn:

    What do you all think this could mean?
    I remember in the Ronald McDonald vs Burger King flash in the pan video, at the ending they showed a comment that said "Amelia Earhart vs Marie Curie". Maybe this is the next battle?
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    I made "Eye of the Spider"...that's my contribution to the internet. What's yours?

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    If the next battle is the comedian one, then...Joan Rivers?

    If that's the case, then that means she'll probably close the battle because Hollywood celebrities are always given the "dominant" roles in this series...Unless there's ANOTHER celebrity, like in the Nye vs. Newton battle...

    Maybe the comedian one is in August, I dunno...
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