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Thread: Upcoming ERB Discussion/Speculation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Straw Hats View Post
    Still no word?
    ERB is kill?
    Quote Originally Posted by Dion View Post
    I will delete this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turtlesauce View Post
    ERB is kill?
    Maybe they have the series on hold due to the coronavirus...

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    anyone been watching the livestreams on the erb channel? theyve been dropping lots of hints. I watched through all the livestreams the other day and here's what I've gathered:

    the next few battles have more female rappers.
    Andy Warhol is going to be in a future battle, Rhett and Link strongly hinted at (I'm guessing Link as Warhol vs Rhett as Van Gogh)
    they really want to do a medical battle royale: they've discussed Hippocrates, Florence Nightingale, Ignaz Semmelweis, William Osler, Jonas Salk, and Anthony Fauci. either that or Hippocrates against Dr. Strange (played by Zach)
    they're working on a battle with Willy Wonka. they want to do Robin Hood but can't decide on an opponent (Karl Marx, Pancho Villa, Zorro, John D. Rockefeller, King Arthur)
    they wrote a Playstation vs Xbox flash in the pan but never uploaded it because of quarantine, presumably its coming eventually. they want to use the coronavirus in a flash in the pan, either against spanish flu or corona beer

    Other battles and characters they like, but arent straight-up confirmed yet:
    -Charlie Chaplin vs Mr. Bean (a battle where nobody talks would be a fun challenge)
    -similar to above, they think Chewbacca vs Bigfoot would be hilarious
    -Oscar Wilde vs Mark Twain
    -Aquaman vs Michael Phelps
    -Walter Cronkite vs Barbara Walters
    -David Bowie vs Prince
    -Sitting Bull vs Montezuma (Lloyd found a native american rapper who could play Sitting Bull)
    -Link vs Cloud Strife (Pete mentioned playing Final Fantasy VII as "homework")
    -Agents K & J (Men in Black) vs. Vincent & Jules (Pulp Fiction)
    -they like the idea of a broadway musical royale (Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, etc.)
    -The Beatles (Pete wants to play Paul McCartney instead of John Lennon), maybe against BTS
    -Pancho Villa played by Rob Rico
    -Mao Zedong
    -Fidel Castro
    -Benito Mussolini
    -John F. Kennedy
    -Pablo Escobar
    -Taylor Swift
    -Alan Turing
    -Charles Manson
    -Amelia Earhart
    -Marie Curie
    -Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    -Optimus Prime (stop motion)
    -Pete really likes Rick & Morty
    -their patrons really want Robespierre, they're considering
    -they want to bring Weird Al back as another mathemetician
    -they want Danny Sexbang in a battle

    and there are also some characters they've ruled out: the Three Stooges are too old and not that exciting; they'd rather do other wild west characters over Billy the Kid; the Mandalorian is too similar to Boba Fett; they don't want characters that only have one joke, like Rick Astley; they don't like Doomguy, John Wick, Jay Gatsby, or Scooby Doo
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    Although my personal preference is Robin Hood vs. Katniss Everdeen, I gotta say that Robin vs. Karl Marx would be /hilarious./

    Some other opinions . . .

    With more female rappers in the next round:
    - I'm throwing my hat in the ring for Indiana Jones vs Laura Croft.
    - I'm also fairly certain Pete loved the idea of Mary Poppins vs Willy Wonka, so I'll go out on a limb and say that's the most likely scenario with the evidence at hand.

    Dr. Frankenstein vs Dr. Garth Fisher would be amazing (a man that built the dead vs a man that sculpts the living

    I would kill for Amelia Earhart vs Ferdinand Magellan

    Beetlejuice vs Candyman could make for a fantastic halloween battle with some of the best effects in an ERB battle (Body transformation, bees, what more could you ask- )

    John F. Kennedy vs Nelson Mandela. P l e a s e ERB; two charismatic, likeable, well respected politicians that lead their respective countries, each the source of controversy (Adultery vs Terrorism) that are also the source of modern-day conspiracy theories (Who shout JFK vs. Mandela Effect)

    Marie Curie vs Edward Jenner, Mother of radioactivity vs the father of vaccines, would be dope
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    Battles I want to see happen
    Phoenix Wright vs. Atticus Finch
    Zelda vs. Athena
    Drew Carey vs. Steve Harvey
    Mary Shelly vs. R.L. Stine
    Evel Knievel vs. Vin Diesel
    Dante vs. Homer
    Ariana Grande vs. Aretha Franklin

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    latest stream basically confirmed Indiana Jones vs Lara Croft!

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    Only line I can high-key hope for now is Laura shutting down a tit / sex object joke with Indy's own shirtless scenes.

    Battles I want to see happen
    Phoenix Wright vs. Atticus Finch
    Zelda vs. Athena
    Drew Carey vs. Steve Harvey
    Mary Shelly vs. R.L. Stine
    Evel Knievel vs. Vin Diesel
    Dante vs. Homer
    Ariana Grande vs. Aretha Franklin

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    an "okie dokie Dr. Jones" cameo would be funny

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