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Thread: Back to the Future

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    Back to the Future

    If you wanna talk about the BTTF movies or video game, here's the place!

    I'm gonna post the transcript of the game. It's not who says what, it's only what they say, (sorry about that), but I think you can figure it out.

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    Re: Back to the Future

    BTTF is one of my top 10 movie(s) of all time.


    Thanks peeps <3333

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    Re: Back to the Future

    Quote Originally Posted by ERBFan2875

    "Good evening. I'm Doctor Emmett Brown. I'm standing on the parking lot at Twin Pines Mall. It's Saturday morning, October 26th, 1985, 1:18 A.M., and this is temporal experiment number one.
    C'mon, Einie, hey hey boy, get in there, that a boy, in you go, get down, get your seatbelt on, that's it."
    "Whoa, whoa, okay."
    "Please note that Einstein's clock is in precise synchronization with my control watch. Got it?"
    "Right, check, Doc."
    "Good. Have a good trip, Einstein, watch your head."

    "You got that thing hooked up to"
    "Watch this."
    "Yeah, okay. Got it."

    "Not me, the car, the car."

    "If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit.
    Watch this, watch this."

    "Ha, what did I tell you, eighty-eight miles per hour!
    The temporal displacement occurred at exactly 1:20 a.m. and zero seconds!"
    "Hot! Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ, Doc, you disintegrated Einstein!"
    "Calm down, Marty, I didn't disintegrate anything. The molecular structure of both Einstein and the car are completely intact."
    "Then where the hell are they?"
    "The appropriate question is, when the hell are they? You see, Einstein has just become the world's first time traveler! I sent him into the future!
    One minute into the future to be exact. And at precisely 1:21 a.m. and zero seconds we shall catch up with him and the time machine."
    "Wait a minute, wait a minute... Doc, are you telling me that you built a time machine out of a DeLorean?"
    "The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car why not do it with some style. Besides, the stainless steel construction made the flux dispersal-
    Look out!"

    "Hmmm. That's peculiar."
    "Where's the car, Doc?"
    "It should've caught up with us twenty-seven seconds ago."
    "Doc, what happened to Einstein!?"
    "No need for concern. It's probably just a minor miscallibration of the time circuits.
    Marty, could you get me my notebook? should be in the tool box."

    "Notebook, notebook...
    Got it!
    'Flux Capacitor'?"
    "That's it!"
    "What the heck's a flux capacitor?"
    "My latest invention! The thing that makes time travel possible!
    In this notebook I've detailed the nearly three decades of scientific breakthroughs necessary to build a working time machine! If it ever fell into the wrong hands, the consequences could be catastrophic!
    Let's see, is mass = i times z, and E equals the square root of z times c squared, and the flux dispersal rate is inversely proportional to the fourth-"
    "Doc, something's way off here..."

    "Uh, Doc-?"
    "Great Scott."
    "Doc? What is it?"
    "I've made a horrible mistake."

    "I'm sorry, Marty..."
    "DOC!!! COME BACK!!! DOC!!!"

    "Marty? Is everything okay?"
    "Yeah, Mom! It was just a nightmare... I was in the past... and Doc was there..."
    "Well, you're safe and sound, now... back in good old 1986.
    But you'd better get up. Your father's waiting for you."
    "Weren't you going to meet him over at Doc's?"
    "Holy crap! I'm late!"

    Back to the Future: The Game

    Episode 1

    [spoiler:hipgb8ha]"Dad? Are we too late to stop the--"
    "Better late than never! You wouldn&#39;t believe how much rare stuff there is back here!"
    "That&#39;s Doc&#39;s stuff! The city has no right to--"
    "Now son, I know you&#39;re upset, but your friend&#39;s been gone for months, and the city really seems hellbent on using his land for that new parking garage and, Hey! Is that a first edition Jules Verne!?"
    "It&#39;s just not fair. But at least things can&#39;t get any worse..."
    "Hey, Marty!"
    "Hi, Biff..."
    "Come to see if the old crackpot had any buried treasure?"
    "Nah. I guess I&#39;m just...

    "Doc built this model of downtown Hill Valley way back in 1955. The clock tower in the courthouse even works...
    What the-? Is that Doc&#39;s notebook in there?"
    "Hey, that looks just like the courthouse! Ya gotta hand it to the old coot... he was good with his hands."
    "Uh, Biff, can I see that a minute--?"
    "This would look great in my fish tank! Give the ol&#39; carp somethin&#39; new to nibble on."
    "Ya know, you and my folks go way back..."
    "Yeah, so?"
    "So, how about lettin&#39; me have that model courthouse, um, for old time&#39;s sake..."
    "Naw. I think I&#39;ll keep it."
    "Give it here, Biff--"
    "Well, well, lookee what we have here...
    Looks like PLANS for something! What&#39;s a &#39;flux catheter&#39;?"
    "It&#39;s none of your business! Doc asked me to--"
    "Brown&#39;s wormfood, kid. But THIS looks like it might be worth something! Haw!"

    "Hey, Dad...
    Who&#39;s running this sale anyway?"
    "Oh, that&#39;d be me, son."
    "You? Why?"
    "Well, once it became apparent that the bank was going through with the sale, I volunteered to oversee it in order to make sure that Doc&#39;s stuff would be treated with a modicum of respect. Isn&#39;t that right, Biff?"
    "You got it, Mr. McFly!"
    "I&#39;m tellin&#39; you, this sale is a joke! Doc&#39;s only been gone a few months, and I happen to know..."
    "Yes, you&#39;ve told us...he&#39;s not dead, he&#39;s on a trip. Let&#39;s say you&#39;re right. Have you considered that this &#39;trip&#39; may not have been entirely voluntary? I hate to say it, but Doc&#39;s run up some pretty sizable debts around town. Maybe he&#39;s just hiding from his creditors."
    "You got Doc wrong! Sure, maybe he&#39;s not so good with money... that&#39;s just because his mind&#39;s always on bigger things. But he&#39;s still a straight-up guy... he&#39;d never run away from his problems!"
    "Well, you know him better than I do, son. But the bank is within its rights to sell off his stuff. Maybe you should try to find some things to remember him by, before Biff grabs &#39;em all.
    "He&#39;s got this... thing, see, and I really need to get it back."
    "If he stole something from you...!"
    "No... it&#39;s one of Doc&#39;s notebooks. He found it first, but..."
    "Oh. Well then, I&#39;m not sure what to tell you, I guess you&#39;ll just have to appeal to his better angels... or something."
    "Or something...
    That notebook is Doc&#39;s legacy! I&#39;ve got an obligation to protect it!"
    "Now hold on a minute! Didn&#39;t you just get done telling me Doc&#39;s still around, off traveling somewhere?"
    "Then how is it your obligation to protect his legacy? You can&#39;t have it both ways, Marty... if Doc&#39;s alive, he can protect his own legacy."
    "D&#39;you think dreams can predict the future?"
    "Well, you know I don&#39;t go in for that mystical stuff. But I do think they can reflect how you&#39;re FEELING about the future."
    "I&#39;ll keep looking around. Thanks, Dad."

    "Let&#39;s make some noise..."

    "Here&#39;s an oldie, but a goodie...
    One, two, three--"
    "Ha ha ha ha!
    Hey look, it&#39;s &#39;Chuck Butthead!
    Lemme show you how it&#39;s done!"
    "Now Biff...
    I think that&#39;s Marty&#39;s guitar..."
    "Oh...? Gosh, ha ha--you&#39;re right, Mr. McFly!
    Here ya go, Marty! Let&#39;s hear a few licks!"

    "Man, you kids have ruined rock &#39;n&#39; roll."

    "Hey, Dad...
    About Biff, Dad... I know you&#39;re trying to help-"
    "He talks a big game, son, but he&#39;s not so tough. I&#39;ve been dealing with him a long time... believe me, I can handle him-"
    "So can I."
    "I guess you can.
    Okay, son, I&#39;ll stay out of your way. But you know where to find me."

    "And, something your kids are REALLY gonna like..."
    "Thanks for warmin&#39; &#39;em up for me, Butthead!"

    "Now watch me blow the lid off this joint!"
    "Whatever you say..."

    "Rock on, Biff..."
    "Aw, shiii..."

    "Aw, Doc... where are you?"


    Where&#39;d you come from, boy? Didn&#39;t you bring Doc with you?"

    Marty, if you&#39;re hearing this recording, then the DeLorean&#39;s automatic-retrieval feature is a resounding success!"
    "Automatic retrieval?"
    "In case of my failure to return to the DeLorean within an allotted time, I&#39;ve programmed the time machine to jump to these four-dimensional coordinates without me. As you are well aware, time travel is an inherently risky activity, and despite my elaborate precautions there&#39;s always the possibility that I could land in trouble sometime. And that sometime is now! Or then! Or maybe later!"
    "He&#39;s in trouble!"
    "Marty, you&#39;ve come to my rescue in the past - or was it the future? Anyway, I&#39;m relying on you to do it again! Please take the DeLorean back--or forward--to whenever it is I&#39;m stuck in time. When you get here, I&#39;m sure you&#39;ll figure out what to do."
    "That&#39;s it? Aren&#39;t you gonna tell me when that is?"
    "Just go to the date specified on the time-circuit readout, under the heading marked &#39;Last Time Departed.&#39; Good luck!"
    "Right, right, last time departed, last time departed...
    Aw jeez... c&#39;mon, c&#39;mon, c&#39;mon... crap!
    Great! How am I supposed to find him now?"

    "Okay Doc, I know I haven&#39;t seen you in a few months, but I&#39;m pretty sure this isn&#39;t your shoe...

    "What do you know about this shoe, Einie?
    Great Scott, I think he&#39;s onto something!"

    "Okay, now we&#39;re getting somewhere...
    How&#39;s this supposed to lead me to Doc, Einie?"

    "What kinda trouble is Doc in, Einie?
    Why couldn&#39;t Doc haven&#39;t invented a dog translator?"

    "Step away from the door. Now, let me get a look at you."
    "Einstein, c&#39;mon!"
    "Just as I suspected- hooligans! Get along now! Scat!"
    "&#39;E Strickland&#39;... You aren&#39;t related to Vice Principal Strickland, are you, Ma&#39;am?"
    "Not that it&#39;s any of your business, but I&#39;m his sister, Edna. You&#39;re one of those McFly slackers, aren&#39;t you?"
    "Yes!... what&#39;s Old Man Strick-I mean, what else has your brother been saying about me?"
    "Nothing I couldn&#39;t have deduced for myself... Slacker!
    State your business, child! You&#39;re making me miss Merv."
    "Well, see, that&#39;s the thing. I&#39;m not sure why I&#39;m here. Einstein here brought me, and-"
    "Can you let me in? I&#39;ve got something to show you!"
    "What is it? Let me see.
    A shoe? Now what would I want with a....
    Stay there."

    "Leave that CREATURE outside."
    "Sorry, Einstein."

    "Well! Took you long enough."
    "Um... there&#39;s a lot of stairs..."
    "To return the shoe, I mean. I lost it AGES ago. You can put it down next to the other one.
    Much better. So neat and orderly. I suppose you&#39;ll be wanting some sort of reward now?"
    "No, I-"
    "All I&#39;ve got is tea and candy."
    "I&#39;m sorry I called you a hooligan. I try not to jump to conclusions, but after all-nine out of ten people in this city ARE hooligans. It&#39;s a fact, look it up."

    "Have a seat, sonny."

    "Hey, you kids! Put out those cigarettes!"

    "Uh, Miss Strickland-"
    "Jack! Diane! I know what you&#39;re doing behind that tree!
    "Do you remember WHEN you lost your shoe?"
    "That shoe over there-"
    "Oh, THAT shoe! My, what a Nosy Nellie! No one likes a busybody, you know..."
    "Oh fine, let me think about it. Yes, I remember. I lost it in a scuffle with a dog... when was it? Oh yes... the day that speakeasy burned down."
    "A speakeasy? In Hill Valley?"
    "Don&#39;t act so surprised, young man. Your generation doesn&#39;t hold a copyright on moral depravity, you know. Sin has been on the prowl in Hill Valley since the day it was founded!"
    "So where was it? That speakeasy that burned down, I mean."
    "That was ages ago. If you&#39;re looking for bootleg hooch..."
    "No, I&#39;m just curious, that&#39;s all. I&#39;m, uh, a student of history."
    "Student of history my aunt Fanny! Your generation of hooligans and slackers could give two ripe figs about history."
    "Miss Strickland..."
    "Video store."
    "The speakeasy used to be hidden in plain sight down there in the town square, right where that disgusting &#39;videotape rental&#39; store squats today."
    "So the video store building must&#39;ve gone up after the speakeasy burned down..."
    "The following year, as I recall..."
    "What&#39;s with all these newspapers?"
    "This is my personal archive. I&#39;ve got every issue of the Hill Valley Telegraph ever published."
    "Get out! Every single issue?"
    "From 1871 to the present. If it happened in Hill Valley, you&#39;ll find it in my stacks!"
    "Doing some stargazing?"
    "No, I set my sights on... lower things. Is that...?
    Tiff Tannen! Get away from that hubcap before I call your father!"
    "Don&#39;t let me keep you from your business..."
    "You there! Don&#39;t even THINK about tossing that kleenex on the ground!"
    "Mind if I take a look?"
    "Go ahead, dear."
    "&#39;Rebuilt in February, 1932...&#39;
    So the fire must&#39;ve happened before then... but when? I need a date!"
    "Don&#39;t look at me. I&#39;m far too old for you."

    "That&#39;s the kettle! I&#39;ll be right back with some tea... don&#39;t touch anything!"

    "Let&#39;s see...
    &#39;Ground Broken on Site of Former Speakeasy&#39;... &#39;Singer Vanishes&#39;... Hill Valley Expo Delights Crowd&#39;... &#39;Soup Kitchen Exposed!&#39;...
    Here we go... &#39;Speakeasy Arsonist Slain&#39;
    &#39;Legal procedure gave way to old-fashioned vengeance last night, when a mob descended on the Hill Valley Police Station. The suspect in the speakeasy arson case, a drifter known as Carl Sagan, was pulled from his...&#39; Carl Sagan? It&#39;s Doc! Killed by a mob...? What&#39;s the date?
    &#39;June 14th, 1931.&#39; Jeez... I gotta rescue him!"

    "My newspapers!"
    "Sorry, Miss Strickland! Lemme..."
    "No! You&#39;ve gotten my history out of order! Do you know how long it&#39;ll take to fix what you&#39;ve done!?
    Aaagh! Get out, get out, get out!
    Help! Police!! I&#39;m being attacked by hooligans!"

    Where you been, son? And what are you doing in that getup?"
    "It&#39;s a costume. Tonight&#39;s the big Halloween party at school..."
    "Halloween party? In May?
    Never mind. You don&#39;t have to explain. I&#39;m sure whatever it is you&#39;re up to, you know what you&#39;re doing... Right?"
    "I hope so."
    "Hey, sometimes you gotta go out on a limb for the ones you love, right? I wish MY dad understood that.
    You won&#39;t stay away too long?"
    "You&#39;ll barely know I was gone."

    "You ready to go, Einstein?"

    "Time circuits... on!
    Flux capacitor... fluxy.
    Okay, if Doc&#39;s gonna be killed on June 14th, 1931, I&#39;ll just show up the day before and get him out!
    I hope you know what you&#39;re doing, Doc."


    "Einstein? Where&#39;d you go now, boy?"

    "Young man! Excuse me, young man!"
    "Who, me?"
    "You&#39;re the only man in the street, and I&#39;m looking for a man-in-the-street reaction. Naturally you know about the explosion that destroyed this illegal gin establishment?"
    "I read about it, yeah..."
    "What&#39;s your opinion of Carl Sagan, the stranger who single-handedly did what the law has been unable to do for ten long years- namely, rid Hill Valley of the Scourge of Liquor...?"
    You can mark me down as a supporter."
    "&#39;...the young man said, flashing a boyish-yet-virile grin.&#39; Hill Valley needs more upstanding youths like yourself!
    Do you have a message for the vicious gangsters who still roam these streets, no doubt plotting to corrupt our citizens with another den of booze, sin and debauchery...?"
    "Ask &#39;em where I can get the address..."
    "Ah, I see! Because you want to blast it to smithereens, just like Carl Sagan did! With public spirited citizens like you around, the lawless element will be on the run in no time! Mr...?
    May I get your name?"
    "Yeah, it&#39;s...
    ...Michael Corleone."
    "Thank you for sharing your candid opinions, Mr. Corleone.
    Edna Strickland, Hill Valley Herald."
    "I know. I met you back-- I mean, I&#39;m familiar with your work."
    "You read my column? How sweet. I know it&#39;s just an etiquette column, but I believe it&#39;ll lead to bigger and better- OH!"
    "Einstein, no! Down, boy!"
    "Is this wretched creature yours? He assaulted me once before!"
    "What&#39;s got into you?"
    "Aggressive dogs must be kept on leash at all times! It&#39;s the law--look it up!"
    "Doc. I gotta find Doc."

    "That&#39;s Mister Tannen to you, Artie! What&#39;re you doing out here?"
    "Well, I was getting kind of hungry, so I figured I&#39;d come down here for some free soup-"
    "&#39;Just thought I&#39;d come down for some soup-&#39; Think, McFly! The D.A.&#39;s throwing around subpoenas like Babe Ruth-"
    "I don&#39;t think Ruth&#39;s a pitcher any more-"
    "Shut it! If one of those subpoenas landed in the hands of my number-cruncher, I&#39;d be in a whole lot of trouble. I could even get sent up the river. You wouldn&#39;t want that, would you?
    "No, of course not, Kid."
    "All right, that&#39;s better. What are you looking at, punk?"
    "Keep your eyes on the soup, kid."
    "Well what?"
    "Well what are you still doing here?"
    "Sorry, Kid. I&#39;ll just run back to the safe house."
    "You do that. And McFly?"
    "That hat&#39;s too flashy. You better let me hold on to it."
    "Now scram!"
    "You got it, boss!"
    "And don&#39;t come out until I give you the all clear!
    I swear, if even one of you mooks could add two plus two without your fingers, I&#39;d dump that wimp into the Lake."
    "Anyway, I&#39;m off to make myself irresistible. Don&#39;t let anyone burn down the shop while I&#39;m gone."

    "Psst, Doc!"
    "What are you doing here!?"
    "You sent for me, Doc!"
    "I did? When?"
    "May 14th, 1986!"
    "Nineteen Eighty- The automatic retrieval system! Of course! I&#39;d almost forgotten about that..."
    "So, what&#39;s our plan for getting you out of here?"
    "Plan? We don&#39;t need a plan!"
    "We don&#39;t?"
    "Not in the slightest! The police picked me up for that speakeasy fire a couple of weeks ago, but the D.A. hasn&#39;t got a case! They&#39;re releasing me tomorrow morning!"
    "So, basically, I travelled fifty years into the past to... deliver your car?"
    "Sorry about that. But it&#39;s so wonderful to see you! We have a lot of catching up to do!"
    "Yeah, you might want to hold off on that, Doc..."
    "Great Scott! I&#39;m going to be gunned down by gangsters on the steps of the courthouse!"
    "Why would they do that?"
    "Guess they didn&#39;t approve of me burning down their speakeasy."
    "Very funny, Doc. Maybe NOW we should come up with a plan?"
    "A plan, right! But what!?"
    "Why don&#39;t I take the DeLorean, go back in time before you were arrested, and stop you from getting caught in the first place?"
    "Don&#39;t even think about it! Without my unjust incarceration, the events that sent you into the past might never happen, resulting in a paradox of continuum-shattering proportions!"
    "Geez, we&#39;ve been back together for five minutes, Doc, and you&#39;re already talking about the end of the universe. I&#39;ve missed that."
    "Don&#39;t be ridiculous, Marty. I was only referring to the end of the universe as we know it."
    "Well, I suppose I could just get some dynamite and break you out of jail..."
    "No, no, that&#39;s far too dangerous... not just to me, but to random innocent people in the past... the repercussions could be... That&#39;s it!"
    "What&#39;s it?"
    "My rocket-powered drill!"
    "You have a rocket-powered drill?"
    "Not yet. I haven&#39;t built it yet!"
    "You lost me, Doc."
    "Listen! A few months ago, my seventeen-year-old self sent in a patent application for a rocket-powered drill.
    I abandoned the project after I never heard back from the patent office, but the prototype should be nearly complete."
    "Great, I&#39;ll just run back to your lab and-"
    "No, no, I said NEARLY complete. You&#39;ll need me to help you finish it."
    "How the hell am I supposed to sneak a half-finished rocket-powered drill into your cell?"
    "Not ME me. 1931 me!"
    "Wait a minute, Doc, you want ME to convince your 1931 self to build a rocket-powered drill to break you out of jail?"
    "Won&#39;t talking to your younger self cause, y&#39;know, irreparable damage to the space time continuum or something?"
    "It should be fine. I&#39;ve already invented the IDEA of the rocket-drill, you&#39;ve just got to goad my younger self into finishing the prototype!"
    "How am I supposed to convince your younger self to finish the rocket drill? Just tell him I need it to break his older self out of jail?"
    "Absolutely not! Whatever you do, you can&#39;t tell my younger self anything about time travel! I won&#39;t come up with the inspiration for the flux capacitor for another 24 years!"
    "Then what am I supposed to-?"
    "Just be your charming self. From what I remember, I&#39;m a pretty easygoing kid, so enlisting me in a scientific adventure should be a piece of cake!"
    "Okay, let&#39;s say I go along with this crazy idea... Where can I find you? I mean, the other you."
    "How should I know? It was over 50 years ago! Why don&#39;t you go over to the soup kitchen next door and give my house a call? They&#39;ll know where to find me."
    "Soup kitchen, got it."
    "Just stay away from the soup. It&#39;ll cause irreparable damage to your digestive system."
    "I guess I better get started. Don&#39;t worry Doc, I&#39;ll get you outta here in no time."
    "I&#39;m not worried. Once you and my younger self put your heads together, you&#39;ll be unstoppable!"

    "Brown Residence."
    "Um, hi. Do you know where I can find Emmett Brown?"
    "Younger Master Brown is currently tending to his clerking duties at the courthouse. Who may I say is calling?"
    "The courthouse? Doc never told me he worked at the courthouse..."

    "Don&#39;t touch those! These are very sensitive legal documents... nobody&#39;s supposed to handle them but sworn officers of the court. Pop-I mean, Judge Brown says so!"
    "Judge Brown...?
    Doc? Uh, nice to meet you.
    I&#39;m Michael... uh... Corleone."
    "Emmett Brown. But I&#39;m a law clerk, not a doctor. Now, please get out of my way. I have &#39;important business&#39; to transact."

    "Listen, don&#39;t know me, but I&#39;m your friend."
    "I&#39;m not big on friends. They get in the way of work."
    "What&#39;s this &#39;important business&#39; you&#39;re up to?"
    "It&#39;s a legal matter. Very complicated, very abstruse. I need to obtain five sets of initials on every copy this writ of indemnification before Pop-I mean before Judge Brown can even THINK of granting a waiver to the party of the first part!"
    "You got no IDEA what it&#39;s about, do you?"
    "THAT&#39;s how important it is."
    "C&#39;mon, Doc- Emmett, drop the legal-eagle act. I got something more IMPORTANT for you to do."
    "Mr. Corleone!
    I&#39;ll have you know that the law is the very mortar that holds society together, and we in the legal profession are like brickmasons building the edifice of the future!"
    "Your Dad tell you that?"
    "Every morning."
    "So Emmett, what time are you through with work?"
    "Depends. On weeknights, Pop sometimes keeps me in the office till nine."
    "Nine at night?! But today&#39;s Saturday."
    "Right! So I probably won&#39;t get off before ten!"
    "Listen-I understand you&#39;re working on a new invention in your lab-"
    You must have me mixed up with somebody else. I&#39;m in Law. I have absolutely no interest in science!"

    "C&#39;mon, wait up a minute."
    "You again? Can&#39;t you see I&#39;m busy?"
    "See, I&#39;m sort of in the science business myself. That&#39;s why I sought you out."
    "Not that I care in the least, because science is the furthest thing from my own area of interest, which is LAW, but I don&#39;t believe you."
    "It&#39;s true! I&#39;m a scientist."
    "Tell me something, Mr. Scientist, from your vast storehouse of scientific knowledge."
    "Um... the leg bone&#39;s connected to the thighbone?"
    "Okay, so you don&#39;t want your old man to know. That&#39;s fine, listen, we all keep secrets. But I&#39;m tellin&#39; ya, you can level with me about this science project of yours, the-"
    "I am not a scientist! Go ahead, ask me what E equals."
    "What does E equal?"
    "I have absolutely no idea! See? I don&#39;t know where you got your information about me, Mister, but you&#39;re wrong wrong wrong!"

    "Will ya just give me a chance?"
    "Harassment&#39;s a federal crime, Mr. Corleone!"
    "How about you knock off work early and I&#39;ll buy you a beer- er, soda. Whaddaya say?"
    "Don&#39;t try to tempt me from my duty with sugary beverages! Keeping the wheels of justice turning, that&#39;s my one passion in life. Besides, if I left before eight my Pop&#39;d kill me!"
    "Sounds like you&#39;re a little scared of your father."
    "Scared of my father? Pop is the most learned, just, incorruptible judges that Hill Valley has ever seen! The only people scared of Judge Brown are people with a dark secret to hide. And I don&#39;t have a dark secret to hide!"
    "C&#39;mon, you can trust me, Doc-- Emmett. It&#39;s your future I&#39;m lookin&#39; out more ways than one!"
    "What are you talking about?"
    "I&#39;m talking about you and science!"
    "Agh! That word again--! If you insinuate I&#39;m a scientist once more, I&#39;ll sue you for defamation of character!"
    "Emmett, about your-"
    "Don&#39;t say it!"

    "Rrrrg! Think, Emmett, think! H to the A multiplied by the inverse of A...H to the A multiplied by the inverse of A..."
    "Doc&#39;ll want to hear this."

    "So Doc, does THIS ring a bell?"
    "Rrrrg! Think, Emmett, think! H to the A multiplied by the inverse of A...H to the A multiplied by the inverse of A..."
    "Good grief, is that... me? I sound so..."
    "I was going to say &#39;intense&#39;. I forgot how wound up I used to get."
    "Yeah, but what are you muttering about?"
    "Oh, that&#39;s easy! It&#39;s Ivanov&#39;s Conundrum! Just tell me younger self that H equals the Hamiltonian Operator!"
    "Won&#39;t giving him the answer mess up the time stream?"
    "Only if it turns out that reality is actually nothing more than a holographic illusion created by the interplay of subatomic particles on a vast 2-dimensional membrane!"
    "It&#39;ll be fine."

    "Maybe H equals the Hamiltonian Operator."
    "What did you just say?"
    "I said, maybe H equals the..."
    "Hamiltonian Operator?"
    "Great Scott! If H is the Hamiltonian, then H to the A multiplied by the inverse of H can ONLY be the same as the expectation value for A! Ha HA! That&#39;s it! That&#39;s the solution to Ivanov&#39;s conundrum, the problem I&#39;ve been wrestling with in my head all week!"
    "I&#39;m sure you would&#39;ve figured it out by yourself in a day or two... the way you figured out how to build that rocket-powered drill-"
    "Where did you learn so much about... science?"
    "Well, it&#39;s like this..."
    "Wait, you know about my rocket-powered drill? Then there can only be one explanation!"
    "You&#39;re from the patent office! I confess I didn&#39;t quite know what to expect when I sent in the paperwork, but... I never expected this! Welcome! I&#39;m at your service... what can I do for you?"
    "Can I see your rocket-powered drill?"
    "Of course! Of course! Naturally it&#39;s just a scale-model, but it&#39;s nearly operational. I can show it to you, say, first thing in the morning?"
    "No, that&#39;s no good. I need to see a full-size model...
    ...that&#39;s fully operational...
    Otherwise we&#39;ll have to award the patent to a competing inventor... Dr. McCoy."
    "It can&#39;t be done! I mean, it might be POSSIBLE to construct a full-size working model in that time frame, but I haven&#39;t got the main ingredient for the fuel..."
    "I&#39;ll get it for you! What is it?"
    "A hundred-and-ninety proof grain alcohol! And you know how difficult it is to get ahold of alcohol these days..."
    "Especially now that someone&#39;s blown up the speakeasy..."
    "And besides, there&#39;s NO WAY I can get off work until I&#39;ve delivered this subpoena! It&#39;s part of the investigation into the business affairs of Kid Tannen. Is it vitally important you see that rocket-powered drill today?"
    "Yes! Is it vitally important you deliver that subpoena today?"
    "Listen, I&#39;ll help you deliver it--and see to it you get the alcohol you need-"
    "If it&#39;ll help you get that drill finished by tonight. Deal?"
    "Deal! Here&#39;s the subpoena."
    "Arthur McFly? I&#39;ve got to subpoena my Grandpa?"
    "Sh! It&#39;s Kid Tannen!"
    "Hey! I just saw him at the soup kitchen, yelling at Arthur McFly!"
    "I&#39;m not surprised. Arthur does the books for his business."
    "What kind of business?"
    "That&#39;s what the D.A.&#39;s trying to find out."
    "Let&#39;s go talk to him-"
    "Why not? Kid Tannen can tell us where Arthur&#39;s hiding!"
    "Yeah, well he can also have us fitted for a Chicago overcoat."

    "What the hell, Matches, you got Kiwi all over my socks!"
    "Sorry, boss."
    How about you?"
    "I&#39;m sittin&#39; at a shoeshine booth. You walk up.
    Either you&#39;re here to shine my shoes or you got a death wish. Which is it?"
    "I&#39;m looking for a guy named Arthur McFly. He&#39;s my...he&#39;s sort of a relative."
    "Well, he&#39;s MY employee. And he&#39;s very busy today."
    "Since you&#39;re Arthur&#39;s boss, you know where he is, right?"
    "He&#39;s at the office."
    "Where&#39;s the office?"
    "I forget."
    "So, what time do you think Arthur&#39;ll be leaving the office?"
    "When I tell him he can leave the office. Hey, you missed a spot."
    "Isn&#39;t that Arthur McFly&#39;s hat you&#39;re holding?"
    "It WAS McFly&#39;s hat. Now it&#39;s my peanut bowl. Heh."
    "Can I have some peanuts?"
    "Why not? I&#39;m a magnanimous kinda guy.
    Go ahead... knock yerself out."
    "Don&#39;t mind if I do!"
    "All right, break time&#39;s over. Back to work."
    "I guess you won&#39;t talk about your business..."
    "Why not? I got nothin&#39; to hide. I recently acquired controlling interest in the Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen."
    "Isn&#39;t a soup kitchen an odd line of business for a guy like you?"
    "I like soup. Plus I got a heart as big as all outdoors. Buff a little harder--I wanna see myself in the toes..."
    "So, one more thing about that hat."
    "You&#39;re testing my patience, boy."
    "I sure could go for some peanuts."
    "Lucky for you, I&#39;m in a giving mood."
    "Hey, Kid!"
    "What the hell&#39;s that?!!"

    "What did you do?"

    "Gimme that hat, ya lousy crook!"

    "Nobody makes a monkey out of Kid Tannen!
    Al! Fix me up!"

    "Where&#39;d you learn how to move like that?"
    "Sandlot football. They used to call me &#39;The Streak&#39;!"
    "Get out...!"

    "Hey, Cue Ball!"
    "The truck just arrived with a fresh shipment of, uh... soup."
    "Soup, soup?"
    "Well, uh. This is the regular soup, and this is the... special soup."
    "Ri-i-i-ght. Special."
    "What are you doing?"
    "I&#39;m spicin&#39; up the soup! It&#39;s my secret recipe!"
    "Listen, this ain&#39;t the Savoy, and we ain&#39;t here to feed these bozos no fancy soup! The boss has got a business to rebuild, so knock off the goofing and mind your post."
    "All right. All right. Just try the soup.
    "I can see why you wanna keep this a secret."

    "Excuse me."
    "You talkin&#39; to me?"
    "So, this place used to be a soup kitchen?"
    "What do you mean &#39;used to be?&#39; Despite recent changes in ownership, this joint is still available for the purposes of distributin&#39; food to the needy and the not-so-well-to-do... and no other purposes whatsoever."
    Could I have a bowl of soup?"
    "We&#39;re a soup kitchen, what do you think?"
    "What kind of soup is this? It tastes like..."
    "&#39;Scrole ribollita&#39;?"
    "I was gonna say week-old cabbage."
    "Everyone&#39;s a critic. Look, all I got to work with is this two-bit soup-in-a-barrel and a spice rack that hasn&#39;t restocked since the Coolidge administration. What do YOU think I should do to perk this slop up?"
    "Let&#39;s see... have you tried...
    "I, uh, just think it could use a little color."
    "Color. Hmmm..."

    "Huddle up, Emmett."
    "Just listen up for a second.
    Any ideas about how to get the hooch?"
    "The alcohol, Emmett."
    "Ah. One might come to the conclusion that the &#39;hooch&#39; is being hidden in some of those barrels."
    "You&#39;re probably right, but which ones?"
    "If I could get my hands on some of those barrels, I could weigh them and compare their specific gravity..."
    "Specific gravity? Come on, Emmett. Kid&#39;s goons aren&#39;t going to let us do an experiment on their barrels."
    "Oh, I suppose you&#39;re right. We&#39;ll just have to ask the guy behind the counter."
    "What? Ask him if any of his barrels are filled with illegal moonshine? Get real here."
    "Well, I imagined a modicum of subtlety would be used."
    "Subtlety. Right.
    Emmett, I can&#39;t get into the door over there. Those tables are jamming it shut."
    "The door? So your plan is to just waltz in there and take a barrel of alcohol?"
    "Uh... no. Of course not, that would be stupid, right?"
    "I&#39;ll say."
    "Still, I&#39;d like to get that door open... I can&#39;t do anything from out here."
    "Well, it&#39;s a simple matter of physics... a lever, some sort of stop. Let me see what I can come up with."

    "What&#39;re those tables for?"
    "We keep a few extra tables around for our end-of-the-month hobo soirees."

    "Obviously, this kitchen isn&#39;t the speakeasy."
    "Indeed. This must be some sort of front meant to cleverly and legally obfuscate the existence of a hidden establishment of ill repute. Perhaps in the basement."
    "Ri-i-ight. That might explain the elevator.
    We&#39;ll score that hooch somehow..."
    "I&#39;ll keep cogitating."

    "Hey, Miss Strickland..."
    "Oh, hello, Mr. Corleone.
    Try not to draw any undue attention my way. I&#39;m on the trail of a hot new scoop, as we in the newspaper business say."
    "What&#39;s the scoop?"
    "I&#39;ve heard rumors that something shady is going on at the &#39;Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen&#39;. It&#39;s under new management, you know, and... oh, we mustn&#39;t jump to any conclusions, not till the facts are in. I hope to Heaven it IS just a rumor... that soup kitchen is the front line in the Good Fight. If it goes bad, what&#39;ll happen to the Stay Sober Society? Not to mention all the charitable institutions that depend on me for soup deliveries."
    "You make soup deliveries?"
    "It&#39;s one of my many small contributions to the Good Cause. Healthy bodies, healthy souls, or so one hopes. I pick up barrels of hot soup at the kitchen, and I deliver them hither and thither-- Hill Valley Orphanage, the Saint Francis Xavier Ranch for Unwanted Children, Foggy Mountain Home for the Incurably Insane, Shady Acres rest home... oh, I can barely keep track of them all! It&#39;s a very big job."
    "Did you finish the story you interviewed me for? About Carl Sagan?"
    "Yes, but those pigheaded editors at the paper rejected it! They said my story was slanted... and that I was glorifying a suspected arsonist! As if their stories aren&#39;t always glorifying the criminal vermin that run this town! This whole thing makes me so mad I could spit... though of course I never would. There&#39;s an ordnance against it, and it&#39;s so untidy."
    "I can help you deliver soup! I donate a lot of time to charities!"
    "Oh? Which ones?"
    " Mario Brothers..."
    "Ah, yes. The Italians do so many good works..."
    "If you&#39;ll just fix it so I can pick up the barrels of soup..."
    "Now hold your horses-- let&#39;s not get over-eager! I drive the soup-cycle in this town, and I&#39;m not about to turn it over to an upstart. But if you&#39;re well-connected with the local charitable institutions..."
    "You can let me know when they&#39;re running low on soup."
    "As a matter of fact, I DO know of a local charity that&#39;s running low on soup..."
    "Oh? Who?"
    "The orphanage!"
    "My, how those little ragamuffins can eat!"

    "All right, Edna. Just think of all those poor unfortunates and hold your nose...
    Mister Donnely!"

    "What is it, kid?"
    "What&#39;s a tough guy like Kid Tannen doing running a soup kitchen?"
    "MISTER Tannen purchased the soup kitchen from the Sisters of Mercy in an effort to repair his reputation as a respectable community figure after his fine name was besmirched by the malignant and ma-- malici-uh-fous actions of the misguided vandals that-that one burn down his place of business."
    "His speakeasy."
    "I cannot confirm nor deny any claims of so-called illegal bootleggin&#39; at the-- the...
    Just eat your damn soup, pipsqueak."

    "More soup?"
    And tell &#39;Kid&#39; that soup or no soup, he&#39;s not fooling anyone."
    "Edna picked up the barrel of hooch. Now all we have to do is get it from her somehow."

    "Hey, Miss Strickland..."
    "Oh, hello, Mr. Corleone.
    I&#39;m afraid I haven&#39;t got much time. The meeting of the Stay Sober Society is due to begin very soon."
    "What&#39;s the &#39;Stay Sober Society&#39;?"
    "You haven&#39;t heard of the S.S.S.? They do the most marvelous work...taking hopeless drunken bums and turning them into FORMER hopeless drunken bums. I&#39;m one of the founding members... not to say I was ever a-- well, you know.
    Anyway, we&#39;ve always met in the cellar of the Sisters of Mercy Soup Kitchen. But for some reason the new managers don&#39;t want us down there, so we&#39;re stuck. We&#39;ve got nowhere to meet."
    "I know a place where the Stay Sober Society can meet!"
    "Oh? Where?"
    "The Brown residence!"
    "You mean Judge Brown&#39;s place?"
    "Yeah...I happen to be good friends with his son Emmett...and he&#39;s told me the Judge would LOVE to lend his place out for... good causes like yours!"
    "Really? Why, that&#39;s the most generous, public-spirited offer I&#39;ve received in a month of Sundays! Please tell your friend Emmett we accept!
    And the offer couldn&#39;t have come at a better moment. It&#39;s almost time for the meeting to begin!"
    "You asked me to tell you if one of the local charities is running low on soup..."
    "Does somebody need a visit from my soup-cycle?"
    "The Stay Sober Society!"
    "That&#39;s right! They&#39;ll soon be gathering at the Brown Estate, and we haven&#39;t provided refreshments!
    I can&#39;t get over the generosity of your friend Emmett, volunteering his father&#39;s house for our meeting!"
    "Huh? Wait there!
    What in the name of Thomas Alva Edison do you think you&#39;re doing?!"
    "Don&#39;t you get it? You need alcohol to run your drill, right? Those bootleggers at the soup kitchen won&#39;t let us get our hands on any of their hooch... BUT we can get Miss Strickland to pick it up FOR us, and deliver it right to your door..!"
    "No. Out of the question."
    "I can&#39;t just let strangers invade my parents&#39; house! What do we know about these people?"
    "They&#39;re sober! It says so right in the name..."
    "Well, okay, but...
    But Pop needs his peace and quiet and the end of the day. This meeting is sure to be too noisy for him."
    "They&#39;ll be quiet. You&#39;ll be quiet, right?"
    "Oh, yes! I play my tambourine very softly!"
    "You hear that?"
    "Yes, but..."
    "But what?"
    "But it&#39;s still impossible!"
    "But I promised Miss Strickland! It means so much to her."
    "The answer is still no!"
    "But think of the Stay Sober Society! What&#39;ll happen to them?"
    "They can all fall off the wagon, for all I care!"
    "Okay, then. Forget the whole thing! We don&#39;t have to test your rocket-powered drill tonight..."
    "We don&#39;t?"
    "No, I&#39;ll take the train back to Washington and tell the folks at the office to give the patent to Doctor McCoy..."
    You... WILL instruct the members of the Society to wipe their feet before they come inside...?"
    "Then you ARE Emmett Brown! I thought as much. You have such a... RIGHTEOUS face!
    Edna Strickland. I don&#39;t know how to thank you for your generosity!"
    "Uh, pleased to meet you!"
    "The feeling is mutual."
    "I&#39;ve got a bad feeling about this."
    "Ahh, you worry too much, Emmett.
    Now all we gotta do is serve that subpoena, and we&#39;re off to build your rocket drill."
    "And get my patent!"
    "Yeah... your patent."

    "How ya doin&#39;, Einie?"
    "Short for Einstein."
    "Einstein...of course! Because he was a patent officer, just like you!"

    "Hey Einie, c&#39;mere for a sec...
    Can you find the guy who belongs to this hat?"
    "Where&#39;s he going?"
    "Only one way to find out!"

    "Huh. Deja vu."

    "Yeah? Who is it?"
    "It&#39;s McFly!"
    "Shh! I know!
    Hey, Arthur... can you come down a minute?"
    "Do I know you?"
    "We&#39;ve got something for you!"
    "It&#39;s a sub--"
    "A subscription to &#39;The Accountant Weekly&#39;! He won&#39;t come out if he knows why we&#39;re REALLY here..."
    "Oh! Right."
    "I&#39;m not interested. And besides, the boss won&#39;t let me leave the room!
    Sorry! Some other time."

    "Well, well...look who&#39;s back! They say rats always return to the scene of the sinking ship!"
    "Get him, Matches!"

    "What do you think you&#39;re doing up there, ya scrawny little runt? Get down here right now!"
    "Einstein! Help!"
    "Hey, lay off! Get away from me, ya crazy mutt!
    Where&#39;d he go?
    You let him get away, idiot!"

    "I hope Arthur&#39;s still where I left him..."

    "What now?"
    "What do you think you&#39;re doing up there, ya scrawny little runt? Get down here right now!"
    "It&#39;s Kid! Right away, boss!
    Huh? Where&#39;s Kid?"
    "Arthur McFly?"
    "Got somethin&#39; for ya."
    "Thanks. A subpoena!"
    "Ordering you to appear in court and provide evidence in the investigation into--"
    " -- Kid Tannen!
    Take it back!"
    "You can&#39;t get rid of it, Mr. McFly! Once you&#39;ve been served, it&#39;s your duty to report to court at the earliest possible time. Failure to do so could lead to a warrant for your arrest."
    "Arrest?! But Kid&#39;ll kill me! Stupid, stupid, Artie! Holy cats, what am I gonna do?!"
    "I suggest you avail yourself to the protection of the court."
    "Oh gosh! Oh gosh!"

    "Well, we&#39;ve served the subpoena and gotten a barrel of booze delivered to your house. Looks like we&#39;re off to your lab to build your rocket drill!
    Er, you do have a lab, right?"
    "What kind of future patent-holder would I be without a lab? C&#39;mon!"

    I&#39;m off to get the rocket drill!"
    "C&#39;mon, let&#39;s go! Time waits for no man!"

    "Are you sure this is gonna work, Emmett?"
    "Don&#39;t let the ramshackle nature of my laboratory fool you! If all goes according to plan, we&#39;ll soon be in possession of the most powerful rocket fuel known to man!"
    "That&#39;s great! Um, how?"
    "It&#39;s very simple...
    This crankshaft induces a powerful direct current into the electrolysis chamber, producing hydrogen which must be periodically released into the primary distillation barrel!
    While tending to the hydrogen, we&#39;ll also need to regularly sprinkle these shredded protein flakes into this aquarium of tuber bacteria to generate the necessary nitrogen to catalyze the reaction!"
    "No, hot! Extremely hot! The temperature of the reaction must be kept at a steady temperature of 623 degrees Kelvin by carefully pumping these bellows!
    Any questions?"
    "Sweet fancy Moses! It&#39;s my father!"
    "So, he doesn&#39;t know I&#39;m engaging in acts of scientific exploration in here! He thinks this is where I go to pore through my law books!"
    "You tend to the reaction, I&#39;ll try to get rid of him!"
    "Tend to the- whoa! Can&#39;t we just start over after he&#39;s gone?"
    "It&#39;s too late, the reaction&#39;s already started! Don&#39;t worry, I&#39;ll try to help you out where I can!"
    "Coming, father!
    "Don&#39;t you &#39;father&#39; me, child..."
    "PRESSURING me to be something I&#39;m not!"

    "Listen to the words I&#39;m emphasizing!"
    "Don&#39;t you turn your back on me!"
    You have no idea what kind of PRESSURE I&#39;m under!
    Law may be your BURNING passion, father, but it&#39;s not mine!
    This isn&#39;t FOOD for thought, Pop, it&#39;s gruel!
    Excellent! Now twist the valve there...
    Great, we&#39;re about a quarter of the way home!"
    Can&#39;t you see this is EATING me up inside!?
    You have no idea what kind of PRESSURE I&#39;m under!
    There is a FLAME inside me that cannot be quelled by your legalistic gobbledygook, father!
    Why must you always SCATTER condescension my way?
    I strongly object to the CURRENT of this conversation, Father!
    Lawyers are nothing but overblown BAGS OF GAS!
    I don&#39;t know what&#39;s EATING you, father, but I wish it would go on a diet!
    What do you call a room full of lawyers trapped in a BURNING building? A good start!
    Do you really want to VENT our dirty laundry in public like this?
    Aaaaaaa! I&#39;m afraid we&#39;ll have to take this up later, pop! My soup&#39;s about to boil over!"
    This isn&#39;t over, young man!"
    "Are you okay? You and your dad sounded-"
    "It was an argument we should have had a long time ago! We-

    Now all we&#39;ve got to do is fuel up the ol&#39; rocket-powered drill, and you and I can-"
    "...and I can take it and go!"
    "But...don&#39;t you want to test it first?"
    "No time. The, um, last train for Washington D.C. leaves in just a few minutes..."
    "Oh! Right! You&#39;ve got to get this baby to the U.S. Patent Office!"
    "Tell me, Michael...
    When can I expect to hear back from the patent office?"
    "Oh, in about...I&#39;d say...
    I can&#39;t."
    "Emmett...I&#39;m not from the patent office."
    "I...I don&#39;t understand..."
    "I lied to you. I didn&#39;t want to... it was just was the only way I could get you to trust me.
    See, there&#39;s somebody who&#39;s in big trouble. Someone very important to me... to BOTH of us. I can&#39;t tell you who, but...I need to save him. Tonight. And I need your invention to do it.
    I&#39;ll get it back to you. I promise!
    And Emmett...
    You&#39;re gonna be a great inventor!"

    Keep the throttle at about eight."

    "Okay, Doc, I got the drill, now let&#39;s get you outta there!
    C&#39;mon, start!
    "Mr. Corleone!
    You&#39;re too late!"
    "Too late? But Doc&#39;s not supposed to be-
    "They&#39;re moving him to another facility! For safe-keeping!
    Oh! I&#39;d better go get a quote from the police chief!"
    "&#39;Paddy-wagon intercepted, Suspect Slain&#39;? Then they&#39;re still after him!
    But how am I gonna rescue him now??
    Hmm, at least the rocket part came out of this in one piece.
    All right, I&#39;m comin&#39;, Doc!"

    "You&#39;re still in danger, Doc! I&#39;ve gotta get you out of here!"
    "What&#39;s that?!"
    "I said, you&#39;re still in--!!"
    "Never mind, never mind! Get me out of here and we&#39;ll talk later!"
    "They&#39;re locked!"
    "I know!"
    "Don&#39;t worry, Doc! I&#39;ll getcha out!"
    "Be careful, Marty!"
    "I can&#39;t break the lock!"
    "There&#39;s a key...but it&#39;s probably up front!"
    "I&#39;ll be back!"
    "I&#39;ll wait right here!"

    "What&#39;s HE doing in there?
    The keys!
    But how do I get &#39;em?"

    "The keys are on the dashboard, but I can&#39;t reach them!"
    "You&#39;ll need a protraction appurtenance!"
    "A reach extender!"
    "Kid Tannen&#39;s driving the truck!"
    "Kid Tannen! That explains a lot."
    "I need to set up a distraction!"
    "Leave it to me!
    Hey! Hey, Driver!"
    Whew! Thanks, Doc!
    I guess that&#39;s why they call you &#39;The Streak&#39;!"
    "How did you know...?"
    "I have my sources..."

    "Stand back, Doc!!

    Son of a b***h!"
    "How ya doin&#39;, Doc?"
    "Hanging in there..."

    This is a rescue?!"
    "Uh, that&#39;s the idea!
    "The throttle, Doc!"
    "Why? Oh!"

    "Oh, shiiiiiiiii-"
    AHHHHhhhhhhhhh! Oof!"

    "Doc! Are you okay!?"
    "I&#39;m fine!
    But I wonder what sorts of bizarre repercussions my younger self&#39;s invention of a flying bicycle will have on the timeline."
    "Did you know that would happen?"
    "I had a suspicion. I never could keep those rockets from exploding..."
    "So, what do we do now?"
    "Now we get back to 1986 before our interactions with the past inevitably cascade into a calamitous future!
    Where&#39;d you leave Einstein?"
    "Uh, Doc-?"
    "He&#39;s not in the pound, is he?"
    "No, but I think we&#39;ve got bigger problems right now..."
    "Great Scott!"[/spoiler:hipgb8ha]

    To Be Continued...

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    Re: Back to the Future

    Theres a game??
    ..And I ain't gotta brag
    I let the trophies do it

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    Re: Back to the Future

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceOfPrinces
    Theres a game??


    Thanks peeps <3333

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    Re: Back to the Future

    Quote Originally Posted by Spartica4Real
    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceOfPrinces
    Theres a game??
    Where have I been
    ..And I ain't gotta brag
    I let the trophies do it

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    Re: Back to the Future

    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceOfPrinces
    Quote Originally Posted by Spartica4Real
    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceOfPrinces
    Theres a game??
    Where have I been
    Back to the Past.


    Thanks peeps <3333

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    Re: Back to the Future

    ..And I ain't gotta brag
    I let the trophies do it

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    Re: Back to the Future

    What I did there. Did you see it?


    Thanks peeps <3333

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