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Thread: Taking a break from the forums? Let us know here!

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    Not sure if this is the place to post, since I'm not really taking a break but going away.

    Over this past year I've tried really hard to get back into the forum but it's like my life has moved on and no matter how much I try I can't fit erboh back into my life. So I guess this is goodbye (even though I haven't been online in like a month fuck me).

    I'll never forget nights sitting in bed wondering If i'm going to advance in TDFE or what's gonna happen in Enden or what I'm gonna do in the next chapters of my BRs and RPGs.

    The first time I felt at home here was when I made the Haunted Mansion RPG and I saw everyone like it and speculating over what's gonna happen next. I felt like I had a purpose in the world and people who could understand me for what I am. Irl i had to put on a persona and be who others wanted me to be but here I could be what I wanted to be. And I loved you guys for it.

    I wish I could go back to that, but it's like childhood. No matter how much you miss childhood you can't go back to it. That's how I feel about ERBoH.

    Please, try to keep this forum going. People like me might stumble upon it and find a home, like I did.

    You guys were all amazing, and although I don't even know who you guys are, I know what you guys want to be here, and that's all that mattered to me.

    Thank you, all of you who I hung out with here, thank you so much.

    Goodbye : )

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    The feels man I'll miss you

    You could say I'm not like most girls. Moderator over Dion, because checks and balances.

    Juiz smells

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    Forgot to post about it, gonna be gone for two weeks, taking some personal vacation time in California. Cya guys in September.
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    Bye Jwees.
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