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Thread: You vs The Person Above

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    Oh good for you! You want perfection, here it is!
    The only thing I can say is you're nothing but a bag of old dirty tricks!
    It doesn't take a genius to realize that you'll still be a failure!
    As for the "R" Word, I'll shake it off like my name is Taylor!
    And by the way, that's not BTS I got on my avi, their name is VIXX!
    They are way better looking than your butt ugly pic!
    Isn't it funny that your fat ego causes you to mistake bands?
    Oh and by the way, Bon Vivant of Violet? That's just too bland!!!

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    BKTurner47's Avatar Bon Vivant of Violet
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    Jun 2012
    That's none of your business!
    The guys in your pic are named VIXX? Gee, that's real nice to know!
    Now watch me crush a NiceChristina to the bottom of the sea floor!
    I'm not Nice on the microphone, nah, I'll never be.
    At best you'll get a severed head after a BK melody!
    I'm glorious! Victorious! And you were meant to be number Z.
    "Y" even bother stepping to me, the MC "mx" with a "B"?
    Bag of old dirty tricks? I've got a magic knack for rapping,
    and I'm snappin' entire factions of Korea-phile halfwits!
    Embodiment of perfection? Come on, that's a jest.
    You get triggered if I mistake one band for BTS.
    Trigger on the tempo while you've got a trigger temper.
    And I don't give a shit about your K-Pop band members!
    Ever since you've arrived, you've scored nothing but L's.
    Tried to be swear-free, but ended up fucking yourself.
    How many times must I tell you? You're simply not welcome.
    So crawl back to the crocodile sewer you came from.

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    Janet's Avatar Senior Member
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    Nov 2012
    Know Your Role Boulevard
    Blog Entries
    bk turner ill turn you inside out
    you dont stand a chance against me in this bout
    bk turner you are a bitch
    dont make me have to throw you in a ditch
    bk turner your raps is lame
    meanwhile im the best mc in the game
    bk thrnsd im gonna beat your ass
    you’re like 7 so get back to class
    bk turner you are actually three
    you will never stand a chance against me
    bk thrner your avi is south park
    when i hit your face i will leave a mark
    bk turner you suck a whole lot
    you stole lo’s quotes and then you were caught
    bk turner im better than you
    I just talked to uour mom she said moo
    bk thrner you arent person
    but you arent worse than
    sam, but you’re still pretty bad
    i’m gonna call yor dad

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    BKTurner47's Avatar Bon Vivant of Violet
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    Jun 2012
    That's none of your business!
    polarbore you are a bore
    i will shove your face in a door
    polarbore you drive me insane
    i wonder if you even have a brain
    polarbore you truly suck
    fuor bar swag but you look like a duck
    polarbore you make me go bleck
    i never cared for terrible joke battles of meh
    polarbore i will defeat you
    it surely isn't an honor to meet you
    polarbore why are you here
    your username font is a little weird
    polarbore or should i call you janet
    either way, you should just can it
    polarbore i have won this by far
    i will hit you with MY CAR!
    and sam sucks too
    but that's for a different review.
    seriously though, why is he critically
    criticizing me on my artistic ability?
    but that's enough for now.
    my balls are bigger than thou.

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    Moonjik's Avatar Fine Red Wine
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    Oct 2011
    Land of Nod
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    BKTurner will get turnt into soup
    You look and smell like poop
    And are fatter than Augustus Gloop
    You are like five years old
    Go play with your dolls
    You're too small
    Just an annoying reeeeetard
    Your rapping sounds like farts
    Haha only two bars of rep
    Because you never say anything cool or insightful
    You're just frightful
    And I'm delightful
    Only person worse than you
    Is Sam, blam
    But,░in░truth,░I░have░wept░too░much!░Dawns░are░hea rtbreaking.
    Ξvery░moon░is░atrocious░and░every░sun░bitter. (ュ だ  どいロリラ威萎虞う ャイ意営縁ぇヵ)

    Quote Originally Posted by Juiz
    moon you're hurting me in ways you'll never even know. lets do that suicide, buddy.

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    BKTurner47's Avatar Bon Vivant of Violet
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    Jun 2012
    That's none of your business!
    Moongic you are not the least bit magic
    Everytime you rhyme it sounds a bit tragic
    You can't even pick up a box package
    Fine red wine 'cuz your on alcohol
    I'd suggest a pill and a half of Adderall
    If you weren't on it already
    I'll drop you like Mom's spaghetti
    When I step to the mic no one will forgetti
    but seriously though, fuck Sam
    he keeps giving me bad reviews damn
    why does he have such a shitty schedule
    but that's for a different review
    you w e e p | t o o | m u c h | because you will lose

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    You make fun of my men? Whatever dude please!
    Your Bon Vivant of Volet's like a Mad Cow Disease!
    Wanna drop rhymes? Here's something for you to drop!
    I'm gonna spit at you so hard, you're gonna beg me to stop!
    Someone call 911 'cause dude's a loony tune
    Who tries to copy off Eminem and he's high on mushrooms!
    I'll water you down with my brand of rhyming water hose!
    None of my business? Dude! You just got exposed!!

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    BKTurner47's Avatar Bon Vivant of Violet
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    Jun 2012
    That's none of your business!
    NiceChristina, do we really need to talk through this again?
    I warned ya once, I warned ya twice, but you done and did it again.
    I tried to hold back all my punches, but now you're pushing the limits.
    Could craft a better verse than you in as little as two minutes!
    How low must you be to take a jab at my username color?
    From the one-hundred shit-posts you have, it's not like you could do better.
    I've seen some bad rappers before, but you truly take the cake,
    and you have as many flaws as you do grammar mistakes!
    Beg you to stop? Oh yes, I'm quivering in my jetpack.
    Headphones so I don't have to listen to your bull-crap.
    Gold chain necklace, you can't afford a plastic knock-off.
    Send you back South Park as I knock both your socks off!
    I swear to God you better get off your ass and learn to curse,
    before old BK flips the switch and puts Christopher inside a hearse.
    You're bland and boring, it's like I'm talking to a reflection.
    I'll K-Pop your head open and send you back... One Direction!
    Last edited by BKTurner47; 12-15-2018 at 03:04 PM. Reason: When you rhyme, you gotta go high

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    Get outta town with your wrath! You think I'm scared?
    Watch me try and scare you outta your underwear!
    Mind you I don't have to cuss, I like to keep my rhymes nice and clean!
    Your gold necklace? It ain't real! Did you get it out of a prize machine?
    One Direction? I don't even like that band!
    The music I dig the most are from two countries: Korea and Japan!
    Don't like my jabs? Looks to me like you're the real wimp
    Who couldn't get himself a lady! Let's see how well you do with chimps!

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    BKTurner47's Avatar Bon Vivant of Violet
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    Jun 2012
    That's none of your business!
    It's been six whole days and no one's bothered to dish out this dude.
    And who would blame them? You offer nothing fresh nor nothing new.
    Keep your rhymes nice and clean, but they still are obscene.
    I'm a triple-bar veteran surpassing all your prize machines!
    Scare me out of my underwear? Yeah, you wish.
    Horrible punctuation and even worse with the quips.
    Don't like my jabs? I'm a sword-bearer ready to kill.
    Trailer trash like you only belongs in a landfill!
    Consider this your little Christmastime present.
    No one on this damn forum wants your presence.
    You keep coming back like a damn tumor,
    bringing nothing but shitty rhymes and no humor.
    I thought I had it bad on this site, but my God!
    You're a thirty-year old Boomer who's obsessed with K-Pop!
    I'm an authentic rapper with iced-out jewelry.
    Knock this weeb out cold with a BK Special Beam!

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